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Offer Generator Program

Published: Friday, 02 March 2018 15:22 | Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 March 2018 12:52

The submission of offers in the 15th Bidding Round for Exploration and Production of oil and natural gas shall be made only through the Offer Generator Program – GEOF, developed by ANP and available on this web page. The GEOF program was conceived to ensure safety and fluidity towards the determination of the results provided.

Each offer is identified by an ID code which distinguishes itself, and it is crucial to pay attention on that in all offered pages to be correctly identified by the same ID.

For the 15th Bidding Round it shall be dismissed the digital format version. The data inured form the offer shall be read by means of QR Code in the offer report.

According to the section 6 - Offer Presentation of the tender protocol (portuguese version), item 6.4, line "d"of the 15th Bidding Round - Offshore and Onshire, the sealed envelopes shall be submitted to CEL during the public session of submission of bids by an authorized representative from the bidders, carrying official identification document with photo. 
The entire process of completing and presenting the offers is detailed in the GEOF installation and use manual, available for download on this page.


The GEOF installation shall follow the following steps:

1) Minimum requirements for use:
a) Operating System: Windows XP SP2, 2003 SP1, Vista or higher;
b) Memory: 1GB;
c) Screen settings: 1024 x 768 pixels; e
d) In order to perform the installation it is necessary to use an account with ADMINISTRATOR profile.

2) System installation.
a) Click on the SetupGEOFNET_R15_Mar ou SetupGEOFNET_R15_Terra
b) Run the installer unzip to a local folder.
c) Run the file "setup.exe" which is inside the folder where it was done unzip.
d) During installer execution, it will be checked for all the prerequisites for the implementation of GEOF and if one of them has not been located, the installer prompts the user for confirmation to proceed with the installation.



Do not use the file "SetupGEOFNET_R15_Mar.msi" or  “SetupGEOFNET_R15_Terra.msi” to initialize the installation.



3) After installation, simply run the GEOF through the desktop shortcut or through the start menu, as can be displayed below:

Desktop Menu Iniciar

Click on the items below to download the GEOF program and manual:
  R15_ Installation_and_manual_guide_of_GEOF.pdf


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