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Public Consultation and Public Hearing 25/2017

Published: Wednesday, 18 October 2017 11:02 | Last Updated: Thursday, 15 February 2018 13:03

Summary and deliberations about the received contributions

ANP appraised the pertinence of each contribution received during the public consultation period and at the Public Hearing number 25/2017. The spreadsheets that contain these contributions, the deliberations of the Agency and its respective justifications are available for download.

Contributions for the draft of the tender protocol
Contributions for the draft of the concession contract

Also available for download the Summary of Public Hearing 25/2017 occurred in December , 21st, at Marriott Hotel, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The document details the event and contains the questions sent to the head table, with the answers of their components.


  • Public Hearing of the Draft Tender Protocol and the Draft Agreement of the 15th Bidding Round

    Held on 12/21/2017, the Public Hearing 25/2017 focused to obtain support and additional information regarding the draft of the tender protocol, both Offshore and Onshore offered blocks, and the draft of concession contract of the 15th Bidding Round for exploration and production of oil and natural gas.

    The event took place in the Wayana Room , of the Marriott Hotel, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The head table was chaired by the Director of ANP Dirceu Cardoso Amorelli Jr. and attended by the Superintendent of Licesing Rounds Promotion and Secretary of the Hearing, Marcelo Castilho, besides the Attorney of the ANP Evandro P. Caldas.

    The Director of the ANP made the opening of the event, making a brief introduction about the objects to be offered in the 15th Bidding Round, noting that the blocks are located in the offshore basins of Ceará, Potiguar, Sergipe-Alagoas, Campos and Santos and the onshore basins of Parnaíba and Paraná, in a total of 95,5 thousand km². It was also explained the role of the ANP in the preparation stages of the bidding and the formal procedures and benefits of conducting the consultation and the public hearing for publication of the bidding instruments.

    The Assessor of the Licensing Rounds Promotion Superintendence Josie Quintella made a presentation that covered the main aspects of the offered blocks in this 15th Bidding Round, the schedule of activities, and detailed each phase of the bidding until the signing of the contracts, aiming to provide transparency and publicity to all stages of this process. Subsequently, the main improvements made to the draft of the tender protocol were presented.

    Right after, the Co-Superintendent of Licesing Rounds Promotion, Heloisa Borges, presented the main improvements made on the contract of concession draft in comparison to the editions before. She also made a point about the contributions received during the public consult period, how it was and the most commented subjects.

    The presentations are available for download at neste link.

    After the presentations, the participants registered as exhibitors had space to expose their content. The representatives of the following institutions made presentations: APIB, IBP, Instituto Arayara, CEGEO, COESUS, Brasil, IVIG-COPPPE/UFRJ.

    After the break, the Director Dirceu Amorelli, the public hearing secretary and Superintendent Marcello Castilho, and the attorney Evandro Caldas, answered questions from participants submitted during the session.

    The summary of Public Hearing 25/2017 will be made available in this space in due course.

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