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Technical Data Package

Published: Wednesday, 18 October 2017 11:02 | Last Updated: Thursday, 15 February 2018 13:34

The technical data package is a collection of public technical data selected by the ANP in the bidding events for each sedimentary basin of interest and in the sectors where the objects are located.

For each basin where the blocks offered in the 15th Bidding Round were prepared one or more packages of technical data, as listed in the bidding document/ tender protocol.

Each package consists of a set of regional data, including seismic lines and well data selected at ANP's discretion for each sector or group of sectors.


Access and Removal of Technical Data Package

The technical data package shall be forwarded to business corporations which suits, as per tender protocol: (i) fulfillment of electronic application form; (ii) receipt of payment of participation fee; and (iii) encloses the confidentiality agreement, confirming the powers of its signatory.

In case of confidentiality agreement to be executed by the same legal representative of business corporation who has signed the Terms of Service of the Exploration and Production Database (BDEP), in line with ANP Resolution 01/2015 or by supervening norm, it should not be necessary to scrutinize the signatory powers to remove the data package, provided that:

a) The business corporation that signed the BDEP Terms of Service is the same that is participating in the 14th Bidding Round;
b) The Terms of Service to remain up to date and in full force.


Remote Access

Preferential access to the technical data package shall be performed via remote system available on the website

The password to log in the system shall be forwarded by ANP for the appointed representatives by business corporations via electronic mail.


Technical Data Package Personally Collection

The technical data packages may be withdrawn in person at the ANP Exploration and Production Database (BDEP), located at Avenida Pasteur, No. 404, Bloco A4, Urca, Rio de Janeiro –RJ, by appointment through the e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In this case, the business corporation may deliver directly to BDEP a new external hard drive (HD), sealed package, with a minimum capacity of 1 TB of storage for the purpose to burn technical data packages.

Technical data packages may be collected:
a) By appointed representative;
b) By legal representative of business corporation entitled to Terms of Service BDEP;
c) A person appointed by entitled representative or legal representative of the BDEP of Term of Service. The name, the identification and the position of the authorized person shall be included in Annex IV of the tender protocol.

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