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Tender Protocol and Concession Contract

Published: Wednesday, 18 October 2017 11:02 | Last Updated: Friday, 10 May 2019 10:00

The Tender Protocol brings the rules and procedures of the 15th Bidding Round sets forth rights and obligations of the future concessionaires.

The tender protocol and the model of concession contract furnish improvements in relation to the draft tender protocol and to the draft of concession contract, published on 12/07/2017. The contributions received during the period of public consultation and public hearing 12/21/2017 were assessed by ANP and those considered as relevant were used for the improvement of the tender documentation. The tables which consolidate the contributions, the deliberation of ANP, as well as their respective justifications are available for download at Page: Public Consultation and Public Hearing.

The full content of the final tender protocol, which contains the model of the concession contract, is available for download in word and pdf formats.

» Tender Protocol (in Portuguese) - Offshore
Word Version  (2.114 KB)
PDF Version (3.311 KB) 

» Tender Protocol (in Portuguese) – Onshore
Word Version (1.565 KB)
PDF Version (2.500 KB) 

» Concession Contract (in Portuguese)
Word Version (378 KB)
PDF Version (998 KB) 

Alternatively, it is possible to obtain copies of documents at the Bidding Rounds Promotion Superintendence of ANP, located at Av. Rio Branco, no 65, 18th floor, Centro, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, by paying the Federal Tax Liability Payment Form – GRU on the amount of R$ 7,14 (seven reais and fourteen cents) for the offshore tender protocol R$6,42 (six reais and forty two cents) for the onshore tender protocol;  and R$ 2.31 (two reais and thirty one cents) for the concession contract . The following references must be included in the GRU form, as follows:

» Managing Unit (UG): 323031;
» Management (gestão): 32205;
» Name of Unit (Nome da Unidade Favorecida): Escritório Central da ANP;
» Payment Code (Código do Recolhimento): 18855-7;
» Reference Number (Número de Referência): 48610.005141/2017-13;
» Leave “Competence” (Competência) space in blank;
» In “Expiration Date” (Vencimento) space, fill the date of payment; 

All other relevant information is concerned to the company which will perform the payment. 

To issue the GRU, go to:



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