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Signature of Contracts

Published: Thursday, 09 November 2017 15:52 | Last Updated: Monday, 18 December 2017 16:44

ANP published in the Official Gazette on September 06 2013 the statements of the concession contracts signed on August 06, 2013. The statements  of the concession contracts signed on August 30, 2013 and those which will be signed on September 17, 2013 will be published shortly in this space.

Concession Contracts signed on 08.06.2013.


ANP extends the deadline for signing the contracts of the 11th Tender Round so that, notwithstanding the date and time originally scheduled, it will be at the discretion of the successful vendors which have delivered all documentation in accordance with the rules of the Tender Protocol, sign the contracts on august 06, 2013, following the timeline initially foreseen or, sign the contracts on august 30, 2013 following the new timeline, as below:

End of the deadline for the submission of the documentation of the affiliates
End of the deadline for delivery of the documentation to sign the concession contract
End of the deadline for delivery of the PEM guarantees and payment of the signature bonus
Date to sign the concession contracts

Information on the time and place of the ceremony to sign the concession contracts will be available shortly in this space.

This ratifies, finally, the instructions contained in the Tender Protocol of the 11st Tender Bidding to sign the concession contracts remain unchanged.

As provided for in Section 6 of the Tender Protocol, the tendering companies which bought blocks in the auction at the eleventh round should pay attention to the requirements necessary for the signing of the concession contracts scheduled for 08/06/2013, at place and time to be appropriately communicated.

Although the said section of the Tender Protocol already contains all the necessary instructions, it is emphasized here the need for the submission of documents within the deadlines listed in the schedule below.

The payment of the signature bonus should be made by means of a Federal Tax Liability Payment Form, according to the following guidelines.

Schedule of events for the signing of contracts:

Deadline for the submission of the documentation of the affiliated companies
Deadline for the submission of the documentation for signature
End of the period for the submission of the PEM guarantees and payment of the signature bonus
Date for the signature of the contracts

Obs.: This schedule is preliminary and just indicative. ANP may modify or suspend it, provided appropriate notice is given.

The successful company or consortium may delegate the signing of the Concession Contract for affiliated companies holding an office and administration in Brazil. In the case of a foreign company which does not have a subsidiary incorporated in Brazil, it must, compulsorily, incorporate a Brazilian company with headquarters and administration in the country to operate as a concessionaire.

The company which receives the delegation to sign the Concession Contract should be submitted to the financial and legal qualification for the same category the successful vendor was qualified, besides proving its tax and labor regularity. In this case, the successful vendor should fully guarantee the obligations assumed by the signatory company through Performance Guarantee, according to the model in Annex XVII of the Tender Protocol.

Companies that wish to sign the contracts by means of affiliated companies must submit the qualification documents up to 07/05/2013. The other documents required in section 6 of the tender protocol should be submitted up to 07/19/2013, except the signature bonus and guarantees of the minimum exploratory program, that should be delivered up to 07/30/2013.

For the submission of the guarantees it is essential to identify the correct nomenclature of the contracts in accordance with the spreadsheet prepared.

Attention - Section 6.1 item e2) of the Tender Protocol- Insurance Guarantee of the Minimum Exploratory Program - Requirement of Reinsurance Contract or Declaration:

The Guarantee-Insurance policies must also be accompanied by the reinsurance contract made by a company authorized by SUSEP or, alternatively, by a declaration issued by the reinsurer in accordance with the attached model.

For the generation of the contracts it is requested that the identification data of the signatory company and person in charge contained in the form are forwarded to the SPL up to 06/25/2013.

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