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Published: Thursday, 09 November 2017 15:46 | Last Updated: Monday, 18 December 2017 16:28

The National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) held the Technical-Environmental and Legal-Tax Seminar of the 11th Bidding Round on 18/03 and 19/03, respectively. The events took place in the Hotel Windsor Atlântica, in Rio de Janeiro.

Below are available the presentations held in the seminaries of the 11th Round.


Technical-Environmental Seminar:

» Areas on offer in the 11th bidding round,
Eliane Petersohn, Blocks Definition Superintendent


» Terrestrial Environmental Guidelines,
Luciene Ferreira Pedrosa, General Manager


» Sea Environmental Guidelines,
Cristiano Vilardo Nunes Guimarães, CGPEG/IBAMA


» Foz do Amazonas Basin,
Raphael Victor Vasconcellos, Blocks Definition Superintendence


» Pará-Maranhão Basin,
Rosemari Fabionovicz, Blocks Definition Superintendence


» Barreirinhas Basin,
Marina Abelha Ferreira, Blocks Definition Deputy Superintendent


» Ceará Basin,
Bolívar da Silva Haeser, Blocks Definition Superintendence


» Potiguar Basin,
Gustavo Santana Barbosa, Blocks Definition Superintendence


» Pernambuco-Paraíba Basin,
Mario Ferreira de Lima Filho, Management I


» Espírito Santo Basin,
Adoniran Bugalho,  Blocks Definition Superintendence


» Parnaiba Basin,
Marcos Andre Rodrigues Alves, Blocks Definition Superintendence


» Tucano Sul/Recôncavo Basin,
Andrei De Marco Dignart, Blocks Definition Superintendence


» Sergipe-Alagoas Basin,
Elaine Maria Lopes Loureiro, Blocks Definition Superintendence


Legal-Tax Seminar:

» The improvement process of the Tender Protocol and Concession Contract,
Claudia Rabello, Bidding Superintendent


» Main Improvements of the Tender Protocol,
Tiago Macedo, Federal Prosecutor for AGU and attorney-general for ANP


» Overview of the qualification process for Companies,
Marcelo Castilho, Bidding Deputy Superintendent


» Main Improvements of the Concession Contract,
Olavo Bentes, Federal Prosecutor for AGU and vice-attorney-general for ANP


» Governmental Participation in the Concession Model,
Carlos Sanches, Deputy Superintendent for Governmental Participation


» Research, development and innovation,
Tathiany Camargo, Deputy Superintendent of Research and Technological Development


» The Local Content policy in Brazil and the implementation by ANP,
Marcelo Mafra, Local Content Coordinator


ANP communicates to the agents of the oil and natural gas sector and other interested parties it will hold a Technical-Environmental and Legal-Tax Seminar on 18 and 19 March, 2013, respectively. The events will be held at the hotel Windsor Atlântica, located at Av. Atlântica, 1020, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro - RJ.  

The Technical-Environmental Seminar aims to present the environmental aspects described in the opinions drawn up by the environmental agencies, as well as technical information of the areas that will be offered in the 11th Bidding Round.  
The Legal-Tax Seminar's objective is to deal with improvements in the bidding instruments for the 11th Bidding Round (Tender Protocol and Concession Contract), as well as dealing with general aspects of qualifying companies, governmental participations, research, development and innovation, and local content. 

Below are available links to download the schedule of the seminars and for the pre-registration in the events. It is worth noting the registration will be performed at the venue of the event, hotel Windsor Atlântica, at the time indicated in the schedule. The pre-registration is aimed at optimizing the registration, but does not ensure priority of attendance in the auditorium, which, due to limited space, will have its manning completed by order of arrival.


Technical-Environmental Seminar (03/18) 

Event Schedule

Obs.: The information on the environmental issues presented in the Technical-Environmental Seminar will be carried out on the day of completion of the event and only on March 18th, 2013. As for the clarifications on the technical issues presented in the Technical-Environmental Seminar will be made on the day following the event, March 19th also at the hotel Windsor Atlântica, in a room attached to the auditorium where the Legal-Tax Seminar is being held.


Legal-Tax Seminar (03/19)

Event Schedule


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