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Offered areas

Published: Thursday, 09 November 2017 14:12 | Last Updated: Thursday, 04 January 2018 16:16

On October 2nd, 2015, the Board of ANP, as per the Board Resolution n. 756/2015, approved the modification of PN-T-46, PN-T-65 and PN-T-98 area blocks, located in the SPN-N sector of the Parnaíba Basin.

The adjustments were motivated by request of the National Indian Foundation (FUNAI) by means of the Ordinance No. 1018/2015/DPT/FUNAI-MJ, of September 30th, 2015.

The shapefile files with the coordinates of the blocks offered in the 13th Bidding Round and the map of SPN-N sector, had been updated as per the Board Resolution No. 756/2015, available for download on the links below:

Approved blocks for the 13th Bidding Round (shapefile)

SPN-N Map sector


Files (Portuguese)


Areas offered in the 13th Bidding Round

CNPE has granted ANP, via Resolution 01/2015, issued in the Federal Official Gazette on June 6th, 2015, the performance of the 13th Bidding Round for the acquisition of blocks intended for the hiring of exploration and production activities of oil and natural gas.

The 13th Bidding Round, scheduled to take place on October 07th, 2015 shall be offering 266 exploratory blocks across 10 sedimentary basins: Amazonas, Parnaiba, Potiguar, Recôncavo, Sergipe-Alagoas, Jacuípe, Camamu-Almada, Espírito Santo, Campos and Pelotas.

Onshore, it shall be offered a total of 182 blocks: 07 blocks in the Amazonas basin and 22 in the Parnaíba Basin, 71 blocks in the Potiguar basin and 82 in the Reconcavo basin.

Offshore, it shall be offered 84 blocks: in the Northeast, 10 blocks were included in the Sergipe-Alagoas basin, 4 in the Jacuípe´s and 9 in the Camamu-Almada´s; in the Southeast, 7 blocks were included in the Espírito Santo basin and 3 in the Campos Basin; in the South, 51 blocks in the Pelotas basin.


Sedimentary basins and sectors under study for Bidding Round 13

General Map

Summary of the Basins


Amazonas Basin
Sector SAM-O Map
Geological summary - Amazonas (in Portuguese)



Camamu-Almada Basin

Sector SCAL-AP1 Map
Sector SCAL-AP2 Map
Geological summary - Camamu-Almada (in Portuguese)



Campos Basin

Sector SC-AR3 Map
Geological summary - Campos (in Portuguese)



Espírito Santo Basin

Sector SES-AP1 Map
Sector SES-AP2 Map
Geological summary - Espírito Santo (in Portuguese)



Jacuípe Basin

Sector SJA-AP Map
Geological summary - Jacuípe (in Portuguese)


Parnaíba Basin
Sector SPN-N Map
Sector SPN-O Map
Geological summary - Parnaíba (in Portuguese)



Pelotas Basin

Sector SP-AP4 Map
Sector SP-AR4 Map
Sector SP-AUP4 Map
Geological summary - Pelotas (in Portuguese)


Potiguar Basin
Sector SPOT-T2 Map
Sector SPOT-T3 Map
Sector SPOT-T4 Map
Sector SPOT-T5 Map
Geological summary - Potiguar (in Portuguese)



Recôncavo Basin

Sector SREC-T1 Map
Sector SREC-T2 Map
Sector SREC-T3 Map
Sector SREC-T4 Map
Geological summary - Recôncavo (in Portuguese)



Sergipe Alagoas Basin

Sector SSEAL-AP1 Map
Sector SSEAL-AP2 Map
Geological summary - Sergipe Alagoas (in Portuguese)



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