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BDEP - Exploration and Production Data Bank

Published: Friday, 10 November 2017 12:21 | Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 December 2017 18:09

The BDEP data bank was created by the ANP to provide the Oil Industry with public seismic and well data of the Brazilian sedimentary basins, in accordance with the Brazilian Oil Law.

The BDEP structure is based upon the Norwegian E & P database, controlled by the NPD in association with oil companies. The Brazilian project, however, was enlarged to comprise as partners spec surveyors, consulting companies and universities as well.

The project became viable through an association between the ANP and the Brazilian Geological survey (CPRM), and will manage not only all data acquired prior to the exhistence of The ANP but all data currently under acquisition or yet to be acquired.

Data and Information

The BDEP database includes geological and geophysical data. The amount of data transferred to ANP from Petrobras reaches 2.1 million kilometers of seismic lines and more than 19,000 wells. Until 2003, the work of the new concessionaires and spec surveyors will add 3.88 million kilometers of seismic lines and 260 wells to BDEP.

Data type
Monopoly Time
After Oil Law 
(next 3 years)
2D / 3D seismic data (concessionaires)
2.100.000 km
550.000 km
2D / 3D seismic data (spec surveyors)
4,451,300 (3,859,671 km already acquired up to August, 2001)
exploratory + production


The BDEP was structured using state-of-the-art equipment:

  • Two four-processor computers, linked in parallel, summing up to 2.5 Gigabytes of memory and 218 Gigabytes in hard disks;
  • A robot able to manipulate 12 Terabytes of stored information;
  • Four 10 Gigabytes cartridge units;
  • Clients Room with five workstations;
  • Tape library able to store up to 120,000 cartridges of pre-stack seismic data.

Joining the BDEP

As of August, 2001, BDEP has 16 registered users: 12 concessionaires (Repsol-YPF, Petrobras, Shell, BP, Texaco, Unocal, Conoco, Agip, Esso, Newfield, Chevron e Phillips), 2 consulting companies (Expetro and Gaia) and 2 spec surveyors (PGS and Veritas).

In order to use the BDEP facilities, one must choose a service level and sign the BDEP User’s Term. A Portuguese version of the User’s Term can be obtained at the site:

Service Level
Non User
Monthly Price

Price per Unit 
(1 well or 1 Gigabyte 
of seismic pos-stack data)


R$ 36.000,00
(12 wells or the equivalent in Gigabytes
of seismic pos-stack data)

R$ 12.000,00

R$ 20.000,00

(1 well or the equivalent in Gigabytes 
of seismic pos-stack data)


R$ 10.000,00

(1 well or the equivalent in Gigabytes 
of seismic pos-stack data)


The BDEP users will promptly access a safely organized dataset, able to fulfill the needs of those interested in the Brazilian Oil Industry.

The users will take advantage of the following services :

  • Access to public domain data;
  • Storage of their own data;
  • Safety copies of the stored data;
  • Spatial queries to BDEP using a GIS software;
  • Advice from specialized professionals (system analysts, geophysicists and geologists).
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