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What's New

Published: Friday, 10 November 2017 12:16 | Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 December 2017 17:00


What´s New
Photos form the Concession Agreement Signing Cerimony
Set 3rd/2001
New BDEP users
Aug 17th/2001
Blocks Relinquished on Aug 6
Aug 15th/2001
Map with the current concessions and the awarded blocks in Brazil Round 3
Jul 09th/2001
Jul 05th/2001
Block Nominations for next rounds
Jun 29th/2001
Brazil Round 3 Results
Jun 20th/2001
Jun 13th/2001
Clarification to the Final Tender Protocol
Jun 12th/2001
New Maps for Download
Jun 12th/2001
New information about Partnerships
Jun 8th/2001
Qualified Companies for Brazil Round 3
Jun 7th/2001
Registration for the bidding conference
Jun 6th/2001
New information about Partnerships
Jun 4th/2001
May 31th/2001
May 29th/2001
Correction to the English translation of the Brazil Round 3 Concession Agreement
May 29th/2001
Model of a filled Bid Bond
May 24th/2001
Bidding Sequence
May 22nd/2001
FAQs (Correction)
May 11th/2001
May 10th/2001
Final Tender Protocol
May 8th/2001
Brazil Round 3 schedule
May 4th/2001
Apr 20th/2001
Update on Legislation (Decree N 3787/2001)
Apr 17th/2001
Apr 11th/2001
Additional Information on Block BT-ES-13
Apr 6th/2001
Information about Partnerships
Apr 6th/2001
Presentations made during the Legal/Tax Seminar and Technical Workhsop (only for companies which paid the participation fee)
Apr 4th/2001
Concession Agreement model
Mar 26th
Program for Brazil Round 3 Legal/Tax Seminar and Technical Workshop
Mar 20th/2001
Correction to the Initial Tender Protocol of the Third Licensing Round
Mar 6th/2001
Download a paper about Government Take in Oil and Gas industry in Brazil
Mar 3rd/2001
Details on the Workshop
Feb 20th/2001
Feb 7th/2001
Registration for the Legal/Tax Seminar and Technical Workshop
Jan 31th/2001
Update on Legislation (IN SRF 4/2001 and IN SRF 5/2001)
Jan 22nd/2001
New BDEP users
Jan 19th/2001
Stratigraphic charts, geological cross-sections, data package seismic basemaps and well maps can be found on the item "Basins"
Jan 17th/2001
Correction to the answer given on 1/2/2001 (Information Package)
Jan 11th/2001
Update on Legislation (Ordinances 249, 251 and 259/2000)
Jan 9th/2001
Jan 3rd/2001
Data Package Section
Jan 2nd/2001
Jan 2nd/2001
Dec 28th/2000
Dec 22nd/2000
Dec 21th/2000
Update on Legislation (Prices)
Dec 12nd/2000
Presentations from Roadshows are available
Dec 8th/2000
ITP (Initial Tender Protocol) available for download.
Dec 6th/2000
New PDF maps for each Basin and for all basins
Nov 29th/2000
Nov 13th/2000
UpDate on Spec Surveys Maps
Nov 9th/2000
Information of the BDEP (Exploration and Production Data Bank)
Nov 8th/2000
Changes on phone and fax numbers
Nov 6th/2000
Roadshow Registration
Oct 25th/2000
Site Map
Oct 24th/2000



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