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Legal / Tax Seminar

Published: Thursday, 09 November 2017 18:54 | Last Updated: Wednesday, 06 December 2017 10:38

New ANP Headquarters,

Rio de Janeiro - Av. Rio Branco, 65
March 18th and 19th, 2004

The Legal and Financial Seminar was held to present the general framework for E&P activities in Brazil, covering the legal, financial, environmental and infrastructure aspects of exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas.

The event was aimed at representatives of Brazilian and international companies (directors, managers, administrators, consultants, lawyers, technicians and investors), who have expressed interest in Brasil Round 6, as well the representatives from the ANP’s concessionaire companies.

The presentations were made by representatives of the ANP and other government bodies and invited private institutions.

In particular there were presentations made by representatives of State Governments (secretaries, coordinators, directors) showing the opportunities and benefits of E&P enterprises in the areas offered in Brasil Round 6. The lectures by IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources) and the state environmental organizations should also be highlighted, these are aimed at showing the procedures for E&P environmental licensing. Other themes covered will be the draft Concession Agreement, the possible impact of taxation reforms on the E&P sector and the use of the insurance-guarantee for the Minimum Exploration Program.

Round-table discussions were held, in parallel with the main sessions, giving an opportunity for the subjects of the main sessions to be discussed in greater depth.



Day one: March 18th

Day two: March 19th


View the presentations made by ANP representatives in PDF format:

» Topics on ANP decision process (Portuguese Version)

Elso do Couto e Silva


» Brasil Round 6: general overview (Portuguese Version)

Milton Franke


» Draft Concession Agreement (Portuguese Version)

Daniel Pedroso


» Government take in petroleum law (Portuguese Version)

Getulio da Silveira Leite


» E&P investments forecast for the period 2004-2007 (Portuguese Version)

Guilherme Moreira


» Regulatory outlook for natural gas in Brazil (Portuguese Version)

Eduardo Tinoco


» Environmental aspects in the oil sector (Portuguese Version)

João Carlos Tavares


» Environmental aspects in the oil sector (Portuguese Version)

Simone Melo


» Brasil Round 6: rules and qualification procedures (Portuguese Version)

André Fagundes


» Assignment procedures in the concession agreement (Portuguese Version)

Albano da Costa Bastos


» Inspection of local content (Portuguese Version)

Getúlio Leite


Presentations from invited institutions:

VView the presentations made by government bodies and invited private institutions in PDF format:

» Insurance-guarantee: new mechanism for financial garantie of the minimum exploration program
Sérgio Santiago - IRB Brasil Resseguros (Portuguese Version)


» Tax system on E&P activities and impact in the sector

Paulo Valois e Gustavo Brigagão - Ulhôa Canto, Resende e Guerra Advogados (Portuguese Version)


» E&P infrastructure in the State of do Ceará

Sergio Kuntz - Secretaria de Infra-Estrutura (Portuguese Version)


» E&P infrastructure in the State of Rio Grande do Norte

Renato José Fagundes Garcia - Secretaria de Desenvolvimento (Portuguese Version)


» E&P infrastructure in the State of Bahia
Eraldo Tinoco Melo - Secretaria de Infra-Estrutura (Portuguese Version)


» E&P infrastructure in the State of Espírito Santo

Júlio Bueno - Secretaria de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Turismo (English Version)


» E&P infrastructure in the State of São Paulo

Antônio Carlos Malufe - Secretaria de Energia, Recursos Hídricos e Saneamento (English Version)


» E&P infrastructure in the State of Rio de Janeiro

Wagner Victer - Secretaria de Estado de Energia, da Indústria Naval e do Petróleo (Portuguese Version)


» Investment and contigencies prospects in Brazil oil sector

Edmar de Almeida - IE-UFRJ (English Version)


» Financing development and production projects

Cláudia Prates - BNDES-Área de Infra-Estrutura (Portuguese Version)


» Offshore environmental licensing process

Caio Marques - IBAMA-DILIQ (Portuguese Version)


» Onshore environmental licensing in Ceará State

Romeu Coelho - Superintendência Estadual do Meio Ambiente (Portuguese Version)


» Onshore procedures for environmental licensing in Rio Grande do Norte State

Fábio Gois - Instituto de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Meio Ambiente (IDEMA) (Portuguese Version)


» Onshore environmental licensing in Bahia State

Maria Lúcia de Souza - Centro de Recursos Ambientais (CRA) (Portuguese Version)


» Onshore environmental licensing in Espírito Santo State

Luis Fernando Schettino - Instituto Estadual do Meio Ambiente e Recursos Hídricos (IEMA) (Portuguese Version)


» Unitization: a legal overview

Sandoval Amui - Tauil & Chequer Advogados (English Version)


» Capacity in local supplies

Osvaldo Pedrosa Jr - ONIP (Portuguese Version)


» The IBP and its activities for promoting the Brazilian Oil and Gas industry

Álvaro Teixeira - IBP (English Version)


» Mobilization program for the domestic oil and natural gas industry

José Renato Ferreira de Almeida - PROMINP (Portuguese Version)

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