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Minutes of CEL

Published: Thursday, 09 November 2017 16:33 | Last Updated: Wednesday, 29 November 2017 10:27

The Special Commission set for the bidding process (CEL is the acronym in Portuguese language) is in charge of overseeing the procedures, beginning with the qualification approval of interested companies. Six members constitute this body, from which three belong to ANP´s staff, one is an attorney and two come as external representatives, provided they had no links to entities, companies or organizations related to the oil industry in the previous six months.

The Commission for Round 9 was established by ANP Ordinance 127/07. General directives guiding the Commission´s work were set by ANP Ordinance 174/99. CEL´s administrative procedures are regulated by an ANP´s specific Guideline, approved on September, 12th, and embodied in Minutes that will be regularly published in this site (texts in Portuguese only). 


Act nº 01, August, 9th, 2007 published on August, 10th

Annex to Act Nº 1

Act nº 02, August, 22th, 2007 published on August, 23th


Annex to Act Nº 2

Act nº 03, September, 06th, 2007 published on September, 10th

Act nº 04, September, 13th, 2007 published on September, 14th

Act nº 05, September, 21th, 2007 published on September, 24th

Act Nº 06, September, 27th, 2007 published on September, 28th

Act nº 07, October, 04th, 2007 published on October, 05th

Act nº 08, October, 09th, 2007 published on October, 10th

Act nº 09, October, 19th, 2007 published on October, 19th

Act nº 10, October, 24th, 2007 published on October, 26th

Act nº 11, October, 30th, 2007 published on October, 30th

Act nº 12, November, 05th, 2007 published on November, 06th

Act nº 13, November, 07th, 2007 published on November, 07th

Act nº 14, November, 12th, 2007 published on November, 13th

Act nº 15, December, 05th, 2007 published on December, 14th

Annex to Act Nº 15

Act nº 16, April, 01st, 2008 published on April, 01st

Act nº 17, July, 16th, 2008 published on July, 16th

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