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Tender Protocol / Contract

Published: Thursday, 09 November 2017 16:28 | Last Updated: Wednesday, 29 November 2017 11:39

Final Tender Protocol of Round 9

The Final Tender Protocol contains the rules and procedures for Brasil Round 9, after corrections and improvements that may arise from the public hearings process. The Concession Agreement model which regulates rights and obligations is included.

All corrections/alterations included in the final text were summarized in the two tables below in order to facilitate the understanding of what changed (texts in Portuguese only). A formal appraisal of changes can be found in SPL´s Technical Note 10 and Technical Note 11A

Changes to the Final Tender Protocol
Changes to the model of Contract 

Approved during the Board´s 36th extraordinary meeting through Resolution 557/2007, the final tender protocol, including the concession agreement model was formally made public on July 18th. The warning was published in the Official Gazette, that day, as well as in large circulation newspapers. The entire content are available in this site for download in word and pdf formats. (English version will be available soon).

Due to disruption of Post Office´s services, the time limit to submit documents to ANP was extended from October, 3rd to the 18th of this month. Warning published in the Official Gazette, Oct. 2nd. Thus, Table 1, at page 09 of the Tender Protocol is to be considered amended accordingly.

According to Resolution CNPE 06/2007, which received the approval, from the enegy ministry, both instructions published in the Official Gazette on Nov. 14th, ANPcommunicated to the public the withdrawal of 41 blocks from R9.

All blocks pertaining to sectors SS-AUP2; SS-AUP3; SC-AP1; SC-AP3; SC-AP5; SES-AR3 were removed, as well as blocks CM-532 and CM-564 from sector SC-AR4. Adjustments were made to the program in which offers are generated (GEOF) and to the information made available to the public interested in this bidding round.
In order to enhance the competition process, bidders will be allowed to present financial guarantees up to one hour before the aimed blocks are put into auction, according to Official Gazette publication made on Nov. 26th.


The Portuguese language version of this Final Tender Protocol is the only official version. This English language version is for reference only.

Final Tender and Agreement 

Final Tender Protocol
Word Version (2,217 MB)
PDF Version (2,615 MB)

Concession Agreement

Word Version (260 KB)
PDF Version (560 KB)

Initial Tender Protocol

» Preliminary Tender Protocol

PDF Version(2,57 MB)

» Concession Agreement Draft

PDF Version (559 KB)

Bid bonds

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