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Data Package

Published: Thursday, 09 November 2017 16:32 | Last Updated: Wednesday, 29 November 2017 10:16

Up to november 23 , the companies that expressed interestto participate of Brasil Round 9, and payed the participation fee, will be able to receive the Data Package and Information in CD/DVD media.

Beyond technical informations (seismic sections profiles and well informations), the Data Package also contain Geological summaries that describe exploratory strength´s history, petroleum systems, stratigraphical column, hydrocarbon potential in the offered sector in this round.

The Data Package also include petroleum potential reports, issued by State Universities in agreements with ANP, to Santos, Campos and Pernambuco-Paraiba Basins.

While to Parnaíba Basin, will be available (delivered) the raw and processed data of magnetometric and gravimetric surveys, made in agreement between ANP-USP.

For Pernambuco-Paraíba and Rio do Peixe basins, will be also available, respectively, piston core and geochemistry surveys, and theirs related final reports.

The 14 sectors are contained in 10 packages. Click at the below links to get informations of the maps, that show the seismic lines and wells available for the offered sectors.


Remote Access

One of the round 9´s breaknews, is the possibility to a access through remote access, technical data contained in data package.

The Remote Access will be done through a password given by ANP. the user can access, by World Wide Web, all informations of seismic lines and wells available by ANP technical team, for further quetions, don´t hesitate to contact us : (55-21) 21128542 (55-21) 2112-8548 and/or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Remote Access´ server works in ANP facilities, at 65 Rio Branco avenue – downtown– Rio de Janeiro.


Offshore Sectors:

Campos Basin - Shallow Water
Espirito Santo Basin - Deep Water
Para-Maranhao - Shallow Water
Pernambuco-Paraiba Basin - Deep Water
Santos Basin - Shallow Water

Onshore Sectors:

Espirito Santo Basin
Parnaiba Basin
Potiguar Basin
Reconcavo Basin
Rio do Peixe Basin

Data available

Table with seismic and well data available in the Data Package.


Information on the content of the Digital Data Package.


Wells List available in the Data Package.
Well list details.


Seismic Section List available in the Data Package.
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