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Published: Thursday, 09 November 2017 16:35 | Last Updated: Wednesday, 29 November 2017 11:03

Technical and Environmental Seminar

In the Seminar´s opening, Director Newton Monteiro stressed the variety of areas put on offer, comprising basins which are already mature along with others that will require greater efforts and those in which there are more exploratory risks involved. This way, the round is tailored to attract different types of investors, including small companies. This approach was detailed by Superintendent Magda Chambriard during her presentation “Atratividade das Bacias na Nona Rodada” (text in Portuguese only).

In the sequence, enviromental aspects related to Round 9 were presented. The Brazilian federal public agency (IBAMA) in charge of this subject sent a representative to express the government´s approach towards enviromental licences and the following presentations were made: 

» Round 9 Environmental Issues

Lúcia Gaudêncio e Cintia Coutinho.

» Environmental Analysis for Ninth Round and Aspects of Federal Environmental Licensing

Edmilson Maturana (IBAMA).

After those presentations, a roundtable was set to further discuss and clarify specific topics. Concerning the basins´ technical aspects, ANP´s staff made detailed presentations pointing to geological aspects considered favourable to oil and gas discoveries in each one, as shown below.

» Campos Basin

Marcos André Alves

» Pernambuco-Paraíba Basin

Andrei Dignart

» Espírito Santo Basin

Eliane Petersohn

» Recôncavo Basin

Antenor Muricy Filho

» Rio do Peixe Basin

Cid Fontes

» Pará-Maranhão Basin

Kátia Duarte

» Santos Basin

Juliana Ribeiro

» Potiguar Basin

Gustavo Barbosa

» Parnaíba Basin

Eliane Petersohn

If any clarification is needed, please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Legal and Fiscal Seminar

Held on the 11th of September, the legal and fiscal seminar was open by ANP´s Director-General, Haroldo Lima, who stressed the stability and continuity of rules regarding the Rounds promoted in Brazil during the last 10 years.

The presentations followed the scheduleand the ones supported by visual elements are summarized below (texts in Portuguese only):

 » O Papel da Procuradoria Federal na Agência Nacional do Petróleo, Gás Natural e Biocombustíveis

Marcelo Mendonça Procurador Geral Substituto

» Participações Governamentais e de Terceiros na Lei do Petróleo

José Gutman Superintendente-Adjunto

» Gestão do Acervo de Dados Técnicos da ANP

Sérgio Almeida Superintendente

» Conteúdo Local nas Atividades de Exploração e Produção de Petróleo e Gás Natura

José Frederice Coordenador

» Mecanismos de Defesa da Concorrência nas Rodadas de Licitações

Teresa Melo Coordenadora


London Seminar

A special presentation on Brasil Round 9 was held at the Embassy of Brazil in London. The event´s program offered an outline of legal and technical aspects of the round, and gave details on how to participate in the bidding process. Participants were also invited to arrange one-to-one meetings for the day following the presentation, 27th September. 

DAY 1 - September, 26th 2007
Opening Session
José Maurício Bustani - Ambassador of Brasil 
Newton Monteiro - ANP Director
Areas Offered in Brasil Round 9
Newton Monteiro - ANP Director
Rules for participating in Brasil Round 9
Paulo Alexandre Silva - Manager of Licensing Rounds Promotion
Questions/Answers Session
The Exploration and Production Databank - BDEP
Paulo Alexandre Silva - Manager of Licensing Rounds Promotion
Questions/Answers Session
DAY 2 - September, 27th 2007
ANP received companies´s representatives interested in technical information regarding Brasil Round 9
Newton Monteiro - ANP Director
Nelson Narciso - ANP Director
Paulo Alexandre Silva - Manager of Licensing Rounds Promotion
Henrique Pasquinelli Oliveira - Federal Attorney in law
Antenor Muricy - Geologics Senior

Regional Meetings

The following meetings have been scheduled to Round 9:

October, 3rd.
October, 11th.
October, 19th.
October, 26th.
October, 31th.

Licensing Rounds have great impact on local economies. Not only do they provide huge investments, but also they enhance local competencies, academic as well as entrepreneurial.

Government take, in different levels, also may bring positive effects towards these societies. ANP, thus, promotes regional meeting focused on improving awareness of government and businesses leaders towards the relationship between licensing rounds and local economies.

General information covering different aspects of Round 9 was provided, as seen in the presentations below:

» Importância das Rodadas de Licitações de Blocos Exploratórios

Nelson Narciso Diretor ANP

» Áreas em oferta na Nona Rodada de Licitações para Exploração e Produção de Petróleo e Gás Natural

Katia S. Duarte DSc. Superintendente de Definição de Blocos ANP

» Aspectos Gerais da Nona Rodada de Licitações

Paulo Alexandre Souza da Silva Superintendente de Promoção de Licitações ANP

» A Variável Ambiental na Nona Rodada de Licitações

Lúcia Maria de A. Lima Gaudêncio M.Sc. Engenharia Ambiental / Coordenadora de Meio Ambiente e Cintia Itokazu Coutinho - M.Sc. Engenharia Ambiental / Superintendência de Definição de Blocos ANP

» Participações Governamentais e de Terceiros na Lei do Petróleo

José Gutman Superintendente Adjunto de Controle das Participações Governamentais SPG

» A ANP e o incentivo à indústria local

José Carlos Frederice Coordenador de Conteúdo Local

» Áreas em oferta na Nona Rodada de Licitações

Geóloga Kátia da Silva Duarte DSc. Superintendência de Definição de Blocos

» A Nona Rodada de Licitações de Blocos para E&P de Petróleo e Gás Natural

Josie Quintella Superintendência de Promoção de Licitações–SPL

» Participações Governamentais e de Terceiros na Lei do Petróleo

Getulio da Silveira Leite Superintendente de Controle das Participações Governamentais -SPG

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