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Open Acreage

In the terms of the 4th article of Resolution CNPE nº17, released in 06/08/2017, the National Agency Of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels – ANP – has approved the process of Open Acreage.

The process consists in the permanent offer of relinquished fields (or in process of relinquishment) and exploration blocks offered in past bids that were not awarded.

Until the end of April 2018, ANP will disclose the rules for participation and technical and economic requirements of areas available for Open Acreage offers, then the bid process will be started. From 2nd May, 2018 on,the submission period and the vinculative interest manifestation begins. The offers presentations must occur from November 2018 on.



Disclosure of the blocks and areas with Marginal Accumulation 11/30/2017
Appraisal of areas and blocks by interested agents From 11/30/2017
Disclosure of rules for the realization and participation in the Permanent Until 04/30/2018
Disclosure of techinical and economic parameters of areas and blocks Until 04/30/2018
Beginning of the inscriptions and interest manifestations* From 05/02/2018 on
Offers presentation From 11/01/2018 on


For  the offer presentation session to happen, ANP must receive at least 1 (one)  bid bond manifest for each area of interest . From this event on, ANP will have 90 days to promote the offer presentation session.


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