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Explanatory Videos and FAQ

Published: Friday, 06 July 2018 11:58 | Last Updated: Monday, 03 June 2019 14:53 | Hits: 841

In this page, a serie of explanatory videos about the Open Acreage Concession process, for offering exploratory blocks and marginal accumulations areas, are available. Also, you find here a link for the most frequent asked questions (FAQ) about the theme.

The serie is composed of eight (8) videos and their subject are exposed in portugues with subtitles in english and portuguese also. The subjects are: What is the Open Acreage Concession Offer; How to enroll into the Open Acreage Concession Offer; Offered Areas; How to Acquire the Data Package of the Open Acreage Concession Offer Areas; The Most Common defaults In the Documentation Submission Phase and how To Avoid It; How to Manifest interest into a Certain Offered Area. The Role of The Special Bidding Comission (CEL) and its Composition; What are the Open Acreage Concession Offer Cycles/ Seasons.

Soon, more three (3)videos will be realeased, bring up the following subjects: The Offer Generator Program (GEOF); Environmental Guidelines and the Role of ANP; and finally How the Public Offer Session is realised.

The most frenquent doubts are related to the themes : Enrollment and Qualification; Fees Payment; Data Package Access; Interest Manifestation; Data Divulgation; among others. Click here to know the see the answers to these subjects.

Videos are in Portuguese.


#1 - Do you know what is Open Acreage ? - 06/07/2018


#2 - Registering for the Open Acreage Concession Offer


#3 - Areas Offered 


#4 - Obtaining the area Data Package in the Open Acreage Concession Offer


#5 - Most common outstanding issues regarding the registration documents and how to submit them


#6 - Expressing interest in a certain area offered


#7 - Role of the special bidding commission and its composition


#8 - Cycles of the Open Acreage Concession Offer

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